InnoSenT GmbH shares news on the progress of CHARM research project for mining

European research collaboration drives the development of IoT solutions in harsh industrial environments! CHARM partner InnoSenT GmbH shared a press release on the progress of one part of the the CHARM research project, namely the prototype for autonomous machines in mining. In the past, sensors for detection and localization didn’t work due to challenges underground like strong vibrations, noise, high humidity, dust, fog, or darkness. Technologies such as lidar, laser, or ultrasound failed before, so robust radar technology was in focus for the project. Unfortunately, the previously available radar sensors for automotive applications turned out to be unsuitable. So the goal was to create an innovative sensor for machine protection and environment detection as the first and most important step for autonomous driving.

“The underground environment presents new challenges for radar technology. The research work gave us the opportunity to test the developed radar module not only in laboratory simulation, but also under real operating conditions. The research findings are extremely important in order to continue working on performance and making the systems available to industry. However, this also requires further advances in chip technology,” says Thilo Lenhard, contact person for research projects at InnoSenT.

Read here the full announcement published on the InnoSenT website (18.12.2023)