It’s a wrap: M45 meeting on 6th February 2024

The CHARM consortium started its last consortium meeting on 6th February, 2024, ending this ambitious 45-month project to find solutions for demanding industrial environments. Our gracious host was Erika Györvary from CSEM in the beautiful town of Neuchatel in Switzerland.

The partners prepared and planned for the event to demonstrate their respective project achievements and results. All demos were showcased: condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, automation and real-time quality assurance in different manufacturing sectors. 

During the project, the CHARM consortium partners have worked on six demanding industrial use cases:

  • IoT for digital mining solutions
  • Condition monitoring of paper mill equipment
  • Real-time machining workpiece control system
  • Real-time monitoring of solar cell manufacturing line
  • Nuclear plant maintenance and decommissioning
  • Virtual prototyping professional digital printers

It has been a great journey for all of us and we thank each consortium member for the dedication and hard work.

Warmest of thanks also go to Valmet and Heikki Kettunen as the coordinator for the CHARM project and Mikael Sundholm from Spinverse on the daily administration.