CHARM project: Final technical review days in Prague 16-17 April 2024

The CHARM consortium is now convening in Prague hosted by CHARM partner ÚJV Řež a.s. The pan-Europan project is gradually coming to an end after having been successfully running since 2019. The partner companies are now focusing on the final review at the premises of  ÚJV Řež (ÚJV Nuclear Research Institute).

On the first meeting day, the consortium partners were busy preparing tens of set-ups of their demonstrators developed during the project as well as hanging up posters of the performed work on the walls. On the actual meeting agenda, Use Cases (UC1-UC6) were summarized and external reviewers with project officer asked relevant in-depth questions of the implemented work. After lunch, Use Cases as well as technology demonstrators (WP3, 4 & 5) were displayed at demo tables (10 tables in total), and project partners expertly presented their work. The partners had prepared very interesting and informative demonstrations and posters about the outcomes of the solutions developed during the project.

On Day 2, a Communication & Dissemination summary will be given as well as exploitation plans will be discussed by each partner. Before closing the meeting, there will be a feedback session by the reviewers. To end these inspiring two days, there will be a lab-demo related to robotics developed within UC5 by ÚJV Řež. 

Warmest of thanks to our gracious host ÚJV Řež and all our innovative CHARM partners for these inspiring days in Prague! We all hope our paths will still cross in some other EU consortium projects or related events!